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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

What is LT&T?

Loan Transactions & Technology, LLC (LT&T) is a marketplace for trading whole loans. LT&T replaces the manual, opaque and slow process used by banks and credit unions to buy and sell loans with an automated and transparent platform filled with unparalleled analytical resources.

What fees are associated with LT&T?

Currently, there is no cost in signing up with LT&T to use our suite of analytics. We only charge when our users complete a trade transaction on our platform.

What is the minimum trade on your platform?

There is NO minimum trade on our platform. However, since all trades are done directly with the seller/purchaser, individual institutions may have a requisite.

Is there a contract that I am tied to?

No. There are two parts in our platform. The first is the user agreement for our analytics. This allows you to use our analytics such as peer comparison, reviewing call report data on other organization in an easy to read format, etc. Second is our membership agreement for those who are trading - this includes unilateral NDAs and agreements to serve both parties in the trade. And again, there is no monthly or annual contracts so you are welcome to leave the platform at any time.

Do I need to purchase any software?

No, you would log into our platform from a web browser.

Can I sell my loans to others outside of the platform?

You may already have relationships with brokers that you want to maintain. You are welcome to put loans up for sale on our platform and if you find another buyer through a different venue, you're welcome to take the loans off the platform without any penalty. However, if LT&T connects you to a new organization for a specific trade, you are not allowed to take that trade offline to avoid the flat fee.

Could I see how your platform works without an agreement?

We would be happy to set up a demo where we walk you through the platform and show you examples of how trades take place. Below is a few screen shots of our platform.

The above page shows when two organizations are connected for a trade. Currently in valuation step.

You can run multiple scenario analysis (changing your OAS, CPR, CDR, etc) for your organization to make sure your loans are priced correctly and share these findings with others through a tear sheet (see below).

Please reach out to us to speak to a client advocate or to set up a demo.

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